Saturday, December 15, 2007

24 Hours old,
this is bright yellow collar girl sitting on mom's tail

orange collar with dots girl, she is the darkest of the group but has white feet and white chest, she was the slowest to latch on a nipple, I tried several times in a two hour period to get her to nurse, finally she got, no problem since, she knew she had to catch up

yellow collor girl, she is a very light grey, with the dutch markings, I am hoping that one of the dutch marked girls will be a keeper, this picture with her laying on mom's face shows the difference in color as well as the difference to white collar with dots boy who has the classic fawn color.

tails are already quite expressive already

black collar boy, I really like his color, dark grey fawn I would call it, and just a itty bitty white tail tip

this picture shows orange collar girl on the left, she is also a pretty dark color, the next one is yellow with dots collar girl, the red collar girl

white collar girl underside that shows all her white markings

black collar boy
orange collar girl, still has a little pink on her nose, isn't she just too cute, she is a really content little girl
white collar with blue dots boy, I had to change the collar today as I noticed that the white collars have velcro that sticks like glue and I could not even undue it, so I cut it off and outfitted him with a light blue collar with blue dots

red collar girl, doesn't look like it on this picture but she is a classic fawn

another group picture that shows the different coat colors

one more picture of orange with dots collar girl, she is the darkest of the bunch, very determined little girl

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