Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Doggie Bed Story

I had lost this picture when I changed computers, but thanks to Kim Gray of Lost Armadillo Anatolians I have at least one picture of this really funny example of Ayla's cute ideas. I bought this doggie bed for my Kobi, the Jack Russell Terrier, and actually the bed was too small for him. So here came Ayla, she took one look and the proceded to claim the new doggie bed as hers and settled down on it quite nicely as can be seen on the picture. Unfortunetely the next day she turned the bed into a chew toy, I guess she figured if it wasn't useful as a bed she might as well use it for something else.

I had so much fun getting to play with and handle the puppies. I'm looking forward to a return visit in a couple of weeks to see how they've developed and how their behavior has changed, or not! I know that Wendy and Michael look forward to their playdates with Ayla and Leydi as well.

Deb M
Las Vegas
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